The Kennel "MERSATINO" came into begin in 2000. The reason that we bought a Great Dane was buying a new home. In the Sunday's evening in April, 2001, at 16:00 p.m., we were sitting together with all my family, in the dinner room and we were plaining a repair of our house in autumn. In this day we decided, that we want to have a dog. In the history of my family there was only one big dog - my grandfather's dane. Than we have bought a puppy very quickly, before repairing our house. It was very immediately decision. At 17:00 we drove to shop and we bought a newspaper with notices. At 17:15 we performed first phone call to Ms. Maryla Karpińska - owner the "Calamites" Kennel. In the Warsaw she had a 4-mounth's Great Dane. I sat with my wife to our car and we drove for him. At the midnight we were back. We bought a big problem - MERFEUSZ CALAMITES. The children were shocked. "What is it? He is bigger than all the dogs in our city!" - they said.

The chief inspirer of registering MERFEUSZ to the Federation Kynologique in Poland, was Ms. Rogowska ( "Blekitne Wydmy" Kennel); we spoken on the Dog Show in the Wloclawek, 2001. We took part for the first time in The Dog Show in Lodz two weeks later. The Judge from Hungary turned as from ring, she told: "Now we please only a pups; big dogs after." I explain that my dog is a pup. It was the begining of all the problems in Poland. Merfeusz captured the title of Polish Champion but nothing else. Only on the Dog Shows behind the west border they appreciated his look and his size. On the present day he has 99 kg and his high in rump is 101 cm. The Jury in the Ludwischafen, the Erfurt, the Lipsk told that he is the biggest Great Dane in Europe! His high make happen problems in make note but also in line a standard bitch. Merfeusz covers bitches from "Patland" Kennel which owner is Mrs. Joanna Milewska-Kuncewicz. In August, 2004 we bought the blue female - SATI GRANDE FINALE. She is very beautiful. In notes of jurors, she won everything ( in her class )in Poland. She isn't as huge as Merfeusz - she's going under him. About the mating I'll inform as soon as possible.

From my experience I know that a pupies after Merfeusz should go to people which are working in bussiness, which want to have a good rest driving on Dog Shows in the country and abroad and negotiate new contacts with all the owners from Europe.

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